Format to use an interactive model on the web?


What technology do you advise me to use in order to share an interactive 3D assembly model on the web?
And what tool or method would you use to create it?

Imagine I have an Sketchup, Solidworks or NX assembly model, and I want that others could play with it through a web page.
They would be able to see it, turn it, move it's components.... without downloading the file.
I'm thinking of any format ready to use within the browser, maybe flash, or 3D pdf, or at least some simple plugin.

Or maybe something more specialized?
I've read there are too many formats: Papervision3D, WebGL, Balder, Away3D, papervision3d, Wirefusion, Copperlicht, 3DVia.......

I don't need they can edit/modify the model.


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I've had good results with 3D pdf. You can view in 3D and spin the model, but you can't move the components. You can set up different views with various components turned on or off, section views etc. It's not free though. You will need to buy the latest version of Acrobat and the 3D PDF Converter plug in from Tetra4D.

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WebGL is what Grabcad is using. I agree with Mal Smith regarding 3d pdf. I've been using this for quite some time now.

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Thanks for your answers.
Can you move components with WebGL?

Then, What about Tetra4D vs WebGL vs others?

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1) I SOLIDWORKS software, download assembly to facilitate the design.
2) each time to find the pages, very inconvenient (for example: Pat 180, next to look after 180, it can not.)

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