Freeform design.

Hello there guys.

I am currently working for a company that uses Solidworks and i design kitchen and bath accesories. Sometimes we need some really complex geometries which i can't model accurately in solidworks ( i often get bloken surfaces etc).

I desided that i should learn a "freeform" software as well as the parametric one which is solidworks that i am using so that when i need that complex geometry i could model it fast and better.

My question is which one is the best choice for me. All that i know is that 3DS max is really well known in Greece.

I've seen many tutorials on the web but i don't know if everything is as easy it appears. Would you recomend me anythig like Rhino or anything else over 3DS max?

Another point that 3DS max got is the rendering. It can do amazing renders so that counts too.

Thank yo or your time and your responses in advance!

Andreas Gkertsos

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a very "cheap" solution is blender
but I don´t have any experience


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If you need high quality surfaces maybe you should look at these fine tools:
Icem surf -
Alias -


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There is an option called CATIA (Imagine & Shape).. :P

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I Here About this program ""Solidthinking""

search on youtube to find demo, it's a wonderful program

i don't try it else .........but i will do

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Rhinoceros3D is both very fluid and freeform and accurate in that it produces spline NURBS models good for manufacturing. It has also an excellent number of available renderers, from ultra- photorealistic to cartoon to technical.

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try moment of inspiration (moi3d) it is cheap (less than 300 $), light on the machine and makes spline modelling look really easy. it has an interface that you can expect to see on a tab or smartphone. similar to rhino3d+tsplines.

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