from autodesk-inventor-file(ipt) to dwg convert

Any one help me .......NOW

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Here you go...


Stupid question but what do you want it converted to?

I have not uses autodesk-inventor software .

i only uses NX and solidworks

Thank you mr:Driton Zabelaj brother thank you very much.

hello bro Mr driton Zabelaj can you help me.

have any chating messenger bro Mr.Driton Zabelaj

What do you need help with?

i have some models in invertor 2013 but now i install 2012 but stil now i cant open or convert that file because i work in NX software. i cant open ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ok, upload and I will help you.

oky i send you later ..thank you bro.

hello Mr Driton Zabelaj where you ,here i wait help please ....................

Hi there I don't know if you are interesting on a 2D or 3D dwg of this bolt.
How ever here is a 2D dwg of this bolt with the thread...

I got the files on the email, I will convert and resend tomorrow.

I have converted the files to step files and sent a mail to you.

Good luck!

help me convert pls ~~

i just download the Lego Yoda from Grabcad but it is in .ipt file and i don't have the Inventor app just Autocad. Does anyone know how can i convert without the Inventor app?