Getting data of material from solidworks part?

I need a macro or VB code for extracting some properties of assigned material of part which is created in SW that he can assign a variable in equation editor.
For instance, If I assigned a material, I wish to make some calculation but for checking results I need a material property from assigned material to deside a right solutions.
Yes it exist a cosmos -and similar addons but I wish to do on my way!

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My thinking is that you might want to look to assign a property either in the file, properties or property tab builder. Once a material is assigned in the Part file you can then try getting it out then. I guess my only question to you is are you looking for only one specific property or the whole thing?

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I use SW2007 and in help file they claim that material properties can be extracted via API program, I do not know is this possible in SW2012 but material is stored in base where they properties is assigned. I think that using a some properies from material is useful when you designing a part (as teperature coefficient, Rp 0.2, R max, elongation, corosion resistance..).
One can make a equation in equation editor and simulate what is happened after and than that results can transfer to design journal as design calculations for a part and that is what I wish!

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