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I think the intention of Q&A is, to discuss problems like " I don´t know how to ...". So persons with great experience can help beginners. The last days (weeks) there are so many Tutorials like " How to do this or that..."
In my opinion this mix isn´t good. GrabCAD should install an extra tutorial "Channel" or people should use Q&A for it´s intention.
What do you think??

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I do agree with you hailstone and that would be great for a more functional purpose to Q&A's and also tutorials.

Comments 0 there are mixing the Q&A and tutorials,,because some person add his own tutorial instead of giving answer of someone's question.
i think there should be different tab for both.

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We need more filter buttons not only for Q&A but also in Engineers and Library.
Go to a site like and you will see you can turn multiple filters on and off to find narrow down your results.

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1. at least there is a filter for unanswered questions.
2. If you spent time solving your own difficult problem(s) and have the answer its nice to document this situation for all to seek here at any given time.

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I was going to ask the same question. This section is becoming impossible to navigate because of all the tutorials. Not only do they need to add a tutorial tab, but they need some sort of categorization for the tutorials. Otherwise it becomes no different than searching for videos on youtube.

Essentially a lot of questions that never got asked are being answered through tutorials. This isn't really helpful in terms of Q&A.

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Before the tutorial challenge, I was able to check in the q&a section given answers etc, in just a fe minutes. Now it takes much longer. My opinion is that the tutorials need their own home and organization. Free-up the q&a for questions and answers again.

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Thank you for the ideas. We agree that current interface is not the best and we plan to make changes.

But we also think that Q&A is similar to Tutorials and this is why should belong together. The question is how to create tabs so that it could be easily filter.

Maybe the current situation is because we are getting more and more questions and tutorials every day and itś hard to see all of them?

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I somewhat agree with u G15
But tutorials are also somewhat similar to q&a wid a difference that we give ans to our own questions, ;-)
But I think Grabcad should have a different section for tutorials. :)

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