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can anyone help with this problem...trying to use the trim/extend to face feature and it does not seem to be working. i have a pipe with another pipe running through it and i want to trim the rod where it intersects with the pipe, also i want to drill a (tapped) hole on the side of the stepoff to pin the fixed pin.

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I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but I made an asembly to test rendering weld beads in SolidWorks. I am not sure about the differences in the way the CAD programs work but I had a simelar issue and I just a extruded boss cut to trim the ends of my pipe. I would try that.

Weld Model/Render Test

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do both tubes like two diferents solid but the one that you want to intersect to teh other do it from the farest tip to the main tube with a extrude and the option of " to the next" i might it can work

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