Handling & Working with Large Assemblies in NX 7.5

I use NX7.5, and my assemly sizes range from 2000 to 3000 parts. While working at the assembly level my system often goes "out of memory error" etc. Can you please tell me the techniques of handling and working with large assmbles in NX 7.5. thankyou

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I work with NX8.5 but some of these might be helpful. Before loading an assembly go to File - Options - Assembly Load Options, there you can choose to load only the structure. Now when you open the assembly you can choose which assemblies you want to be visible/work on.

In Preferences - Visualization Performance you can change how things are displayed while you rotate view. Change Profile to Large and see how it affects. If thats not enough, change Profile to Custom and click Hide Small Objects Based on Object Size. The number you insert there defines the longest dimension of the part which will be hidden while you rotate the view. This should dramatically increase your system performance with large assemblies.

While you have the assembly opened go to Assemblies - Context Control, there you have most of the tools to lighten large assemblies like Open By Proximity and Show Lightweight. In Assemblies - Advanced you can simplify assemblies and make Linked Exterior of them.

This should be obvious thing, but don't use studio shading, just shading with edges.

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