Helix Text Model in Solidworks


I have googled my eyes out and cant seem to find a solution to create my 3D model in SW2016.
Basically, i need a helix/spiral text "YESTERDAY YOU LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL".
As the text cant be put on a spiral curve, I've tried flex, but I do not understand fully, how that feature works and the result is really ugly.
I will attach a photo of the final object that I need to create. Help?


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Hi Rauno,
Few years ago I wanted to design a similar spiral text bowl. Here is the result: Pi fruit bowl.
I believe that this thread would be useful for you - https://grabcad.com/questions/how-to-model-this-bowl.

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i do know exactly ..

but i have one idea.

first you create the sketch for helix / spiral curve.then extrude the sketch in " extrude surface" what ever you want. then mirror the "extrude surface" what u done.next take same sketch for texting.

i think its working. i will uploaded the part file later.

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There We go. Plamen, thanks for the help! By studying your fruit bowl build, I got the result i was looking for.

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Rauno, I'm glad I was able to help. I really like the outcome with your model. Good work.

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