help in a simple design

I have this sketch up i made with a paper and a pencil its not very pro but i want to transfer the same dimensions and design onto autocad file so i can cut them with a laser cutter.
i wich all the help from any one please.
please inculde each image in a single cad file like shown in the pictures
thanks in advance.

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It still makes no sense to me to cut these templates with a laser cutter, but I'll assume you know best.
Four DXF files are attached.

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Fabrics are a difficult material to work with in a CAD program.
One thing to consider, is that your templates will most likely need to be larger than the final size of the wallet. This is due to the need for a seam, or hem which is used to stitch (or otherwise join) pieces together, and to provide a clean edge on the finished product.

Overall, I don't think that making 2D DWG or DXF files of what you've shown will be difficult, but at the same time it seems unnecessary. The templates could easily be cut from a material like paper, or even thin metal. Those templates are then used to cut the leather, fabric, or other material.

Laser cutters are cool, but products like this have been made for thousands of years with a template and a blade.

After testing the first set of templates by making a wallet, the design needs to be be evaluated. If something has gone wrong (i.e. paper money, or credit cards do not fit), then the design process begins again with modifications.

Only after the design is finished, tested, and ready for "mass production) would I start making CAD data for a laser cutter.
The use of a laser cutter in this product could save time when you are looking to make dozens or hundreds of wallets, and it will also help make each wallet more uniform.
But, the same could be said of a simple punch used to cut the material.
I believe that using a laser cutter for the first items will be a "time liability".

But, I guess that is up to you.
I'd just hate for someone to waste time making the DWG files, only to find out that they need to be changed again in a few days.

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