Help me with internship?

Hello everyone in grabcad community,

My name is Siva Praneeth. I am a 3rd year undergraduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India.
Currently I am in pursuit of summer internship.
I have only a month time to get one.
Any advice or help would be of a great value to me. Please help me out in getting one.
Thank you

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Where are you looking,? I found the best way is to google your area and compile a list of possible places. Either call or shoot an email, expressing your situation & describing services you could offer. Try to go in depth without running on... i.e. "In order to recieve my Bachleors in Mechanical Engineering I am required to complete a 3 month internship. Your company caught my eye and I was wondering if I may be able to help with anything. I can create detail drawings, perform engineering calculations, reverse engineer parts, design etc.." be sure to thank them for their time. Good Luck!

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