Help with Final Project

hey guys,

I am doing this as a project in class and I'm having trouble with the head part
which doesn't look right.
The diameter of the cylinder under the spherical piece is larger than the width of the cut sphere (3.375>3.218).

I've attached all the parts and the assembly. Please let me know if anything is wrong and if I need to make any modifications.

(No threads needed)

Thanks in advance for the help.

Update : Tie rod length is 7.25'' not 62''

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2 Answers

Hello Jeff,
Your model look correct according to the drawing; that leaves only two options:
1) The drawing is incorrect
2) The cylinder part of the head is not a cylinder.
As this is a forged part, it would make sense that the head shaft tapers, maybe to 3", which would make it look correct. So the drawing is missing a dimension...?

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hey Dear, can you update these files in f3d formate

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