Hi every one. I am new to your site. How do I make an ".STL" file?.

Question by Geoff

I have a 2D drawing (LibreCad) that I want to have a prototype made from, using "3D" online printing. The company say that they need a "CAD" .stl file. How do I do this. I should add that I have absolutely no experience of "Cad" programing. I have just downloaded "FreeCad".I do hope that I have used the right means for this question. Thank for your time with this.

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JP Johnston
Answered on 19 Feb, 2013 05:39 PM

I just looked it up. LibreCAD is an OpenSource 2D CAD. It can not make STL files from a 2D drawing.

there is other OpenSource software if your computer is a mac or running Linux.

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JP Johnston
Answered on 19 Feb, 2013 05:36 PM

As Hans said, Save As. There may also be an "Export File" Option in the File Menu...

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Hans de Ridder
Answered on 19 Feb, 2013 05:02 PM

Most of the 3d Cad programma have to possibility to "save as"
Choose .stl as format.

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Stephen Nyberg
Answered on 19 Feb, 2013 10:58 PM

I think if you have a 2D drawing or CAD file you will need to make a 3D model (or ask a GrabCADr) and then depending on the 3D modeling software do the "save as" option Hans was talking about to save it as an STL. The STL file format is 3D so you need 3D data for that which is not contained in a 2D drawing file.
Upload your file to your profile and ask some one to help you 3D model it and I am sure you will get a model fast (if your part you are wanting is not too complex and your drawings/2D files are good) for free!

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