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Hidden Commands in NX Cad 9

Question by Nagarajan Sankaran

I'm a HP Laptop with Nx cad 9.0
when in use the command finder for getting a command, it say that the particular command is hidden.
I have tried to change the user roles to advanced and other roles available to get these commands to un-hide but to no avail. can some one enlighten me as to how to unlock these hidden commands?

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2 Answers

Samu Suojanen
Answered on 16 Oct, 2014 09:38 AM

It means that the tools you are searching for are not available in the situation you are at the moment. In that case that you are trying to find render tools, choose Render tab on the top and click Advanced Studio. Now you should have those render tools available.

In case you are in Modelling application and are searching for Sheet Metal tools for example, Command Finder tells you the correct application, Sheet Metal in this case where the tools are available.

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Nagarajan Sankaran
Answered on 16 Oct, 2014 05:59 PM

Thank you for the insight. I haven't tried it yet. will let you know once i do.

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