Ho to create both: flat pattern and bended part in Solidworks drawing ?

is there a method to create in the same view in the Solidworks drawing the flat pattern and bended view the same part ?
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2 Answers

If you have the "sheet metal" add on you can have a bent view and a flat view. If you are doing a drawing of the part first import the part (either bent or flat) the you have to select it and convert it to a sketch. Make sure you do all your editing and annotating before you convert it into a sketch. Then you can change you part to the opposite version and import it into the sketch. Hope this helps!

Yo! Just came across this. It's exactly the problem I was having. I'm on 2018 SW, so maybe it's more apparent/easier in this version, but here's the ez pz solution for any future eyeballs:

- On your drawing, hit "Model View" under "View Layout" tab.
- Under "Orientation" you should see a box with options like Dimetric, Trimetric, Current Model View.
- The top option for me is "(A) Flat Pattern"
- Just click this and it spits out the flat pattern with bend notes.

FYI, my first sheet had the bended pattern, now my second sheet has the flat. No convert to sketch, no two models.