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Can somebody say me whether does this column only in addition serve to do homework for novices or to solve project duties? It is not for certain a problem if it is about cooperative help !But it is an outrage to burrow himself increased by inquiries studying unwilling !Always more demand boldly to contribute engineer services without themselves a little!Not even a profile is entered!I find it a pity for so many engaged people here with Grabcad! Sorry for my hard Word's,but in of my quest, who i can help, i am pushed only to listless student from the one hour long !!!

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When I joined Grab Cad in 2009, it was about Engineers for Engineers.
Now for some reason people come here to take files and turn them in as their own homework. Or asking others to do their work for them. This is not what I signed up for. I am a teacher but this is not a class this is a community of Engineers, (or at least that’s what I thought) and helping students learn should not be part of it. There are plenty of sites out there just for that. In my opinion this site needs to be cleaned up a little and not just let anyone out of the homeless shelter in.

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I am a student and while it does bother me to see people trying to get other people to there work for them, I love GrabCAD and it has helped me learn a great deal in a short amount of time. I like Jeff's comment on cleaning up GC but I think there are many students that still have a positive impact on the GC community.

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Sorry!!! I think,maybe it ist the wrong Place for my Word's ! I mean the column REQUESTS !!!

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Thats correct ,Stephen ! Clever questions and answers bring experienced engineers something themselves! Most students enrich the community. It is even about a minority, they without own contribution try to use others!

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I will avoid this category in future since more than an hour needs one meanwhile to find a colleague really seeking help ! On the other hand, the number of these, the ones without entry in the profile and without a contribution of one's own who strike community like modern robber barons, grows hourly !!!

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