HOW add forming tool to design library

my solidworks 2011 does not have forming tools in design library,how can i bring forming tools to my design library???

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حمید جان مشکلت دقیقا کجاست؟؟
برای منم که 2011 بود نداشت. گویا هرچی ورژن 2011 تو ایران هست این مشکلو داره وقتی هم این فایل رو تو جای اصلیش ایجاد کردم باز جواب نداد. بهترین راه حل رو تو عوض کردن ورژن دیدم. دلیلش هم اینه که اکثر نرم افزارا تو ایران خوب کرک نشدن و کامل نیستن. مخصوصا نرم افزارای تخصصی و مهندسی

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This video will take you through saving your own custom form tools

By default you should have form tools available with the design library. Make sure you have the right file location. Go to tools>options>system options> file locations and set the design library location to C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\design library

or simply add
C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\design library\form tools
as a new design library

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Create the form tool that you need, the initial sketch will be used as a placement sketch. Click the forming tool on the sheet metal toolbar, select stopping face, select faces to remove and click ok. I took this straight out of the help files. Try doing some research before asking the question.

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