How can I add custom weight to a geometry with multiple OGES?

I have a body made of multiple OGES in Catia V5. I do not know what material each section is made of but I have measured its weight and Centre of Gravity. How can I assign them directly without giving them materials?

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First of all; what is an "OGES" ?

There is a way to assign mass properties to parts within a CATIA assembly. Can you convert your part into an assembly?

Inertia Equivalents:

(to make this work, you have to add all the properties)

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Thanks Jack. By "OGES" I meant ordered geometrical sets. Basically we have a supplier sub-assembly component that we have to model in Catia V5 as a single part for simplicity. Every part of the sub-assembly is created as a different body in the same .CATPart. We know the mechanical properties of the supplier component as we have measured them directly. I just want to be able to apply the measured mechanical properties to the .CATPart. I followed your manual and created the Equivalent parameters, but when I go to customize I cannot change the value of Equivalents from 0 to 1. Are you aware of how to solve this issue? Again, thanks a lot for your help.

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(I've only seen "OGS" used before, so "OGES" had me confused - I was thinking maybe you meant IGES. Thanks for clarifying that)

It's been awhile since I used Equivalent Parameters, and I currently don't have access to CATIA to try it for you)

Can you make a little test of a CATProduct containing 1 or 2 CATParts, and try the Equiv Parameters there?

I'm not sure if it's intended to work with 1. multi-body part files, or 2. non-solid files

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