How can I automatically rename parts and assemblies?

I have got 5 different versions of product in step format.
After importing into SW some parts remain original names
but most are renamed to Importedx.sld*. Then I want to bring
all 5 into one assy to compare them but now come conflicts with names and not few. How to overcome this. Only solution I have is time consuming renaming one-by-one in SW Explorer.

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2 Answers

Newtons method is correct. I also use F2 on the keypas as well. So instead of doing the click-pause-click option to rename a part on the feature mgr tree. You can just select the name and press F2. the name is then editable. On the other hand you can set up your options to automatically rename the parts as they are added to the tree (i know this is possible but will have to look up on the procedure again).. Will be willing to know of any other methods out there.

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The best way to do that is to open step first and then do pack and go, within pack and go options you can rename all parts, assemblies and drawings.

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