How can I convert this complicated composite model into a simple solid in Autodesk Inventor?

I have a composite part, it must of been an assembly before it was imported into Inventor. It's a control unit for a wireless device (basically a box with an antenna). I only want the antenna; it has a rather complicated shape that I need to duplicate. I don't need the "guts" just the exterior. I remember how to do this in SolidWorks but can figure it out in Inventor. I basically want to "hack off" everything but the antenna which I will then reattach normal to the front of the box (changing its orientation). I've added 2 screen shots of the box.
Also, I have tried deriving it and using the shrinkwrap feature, but no luck.
Appreciate any help. Kind of stuck on this one.

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The best option would be to obtain the native format assembly, but that looks unlikely in this situation. If you can, Inventor will open other format assemblies, and then you will have the option to delete unneeded components. I have had great success opening Solidworks assemblies with Inventor. You will need to change the file type in the open dialog.

If all you can get is the composite then I think Inventor Fusion will work the best for what you are trying to do.

Fusion is directly integrated with Inventor 2013, but it appears you are still using 2011. I'm not sure about 2012 because we skipped that release.


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Hi, you can right click on composite in the three and select REMOVE. Then you select the faces or body to delete. Best regards

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Hi B, you have went about it the right way with the Derive, I do not know why it is not working for your self? strange if you would like to E-mail me the file I shall have a try as it should not take to long and get it back to you that is the best I can do unless someone else knows another way?
E-mail -

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just use scultp or stitch it would be help you to just get a solid part.

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