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How can I determined propeller rpm in SW Flow Simulation.

By Tibor Kapocs on 03 Nov 17:15 2 answers 440 views 0 comments

E.g. There is a propeller in tube. Flow speed is 30 m/s in tube.
What will be rpm. ans torque of the propeller.
Example only...

2 answers

  • Ion Aguirre
    Ion Aguirre 3 months ago

    Your question is unclear. I think, you're asking about a turbine, where the fluid moves the propeller, and not a propeller moving the fluid.

    I'm I right ?

  • Tibor Kapocs
    Tibor Kapocs 3 months ago

    There is a wind tunnel with a propeller.
    Wind speed eg. 10 m/s. (Not propeller moves the air.)
    Air move the propeller.
    What rpm is the propeller accelerating the wind?

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