how can i make a c-axis turning mill/turn program in master-cam?

I have a problem while making a mill/turn profile of an 3d object in master-cam.
I want to make toolpath for this 3D object.
I have tried different methods to move on; but none worked.!
My m/c is a turn-o-mill turning machine with only c-axis enabled( with GE fanuc control).
My main objective is to manufacture a crank shaft(soon, i will upload the same.); but my problem will be solved with this example.
Thanks Mandeep.

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2 Answers

you know C axis didn't help you. Maybe Y axis.. but use 5 axis strategy. I try help a bit later.

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In your operation manager select parameters. Then go to Axis Control. Select C Axis. If you can't then you have to configure your Machine Definition to include a C Axis.

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