how can i make contour drawing in inventor?

Hill drawing with reference to contour 2d drawings?

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Can you post an image of what you are trying to do and explain a little further?

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if you have the curves and you want a model use the command "Loft"

if you have a model and you want the curves for a view like a hill on a map then use the command "Slice" (can be found at "Place Views" - "Modify")

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If you can line up the 2D contour drawing (say on the XY Plane) with the corresponding elevation plot (on the YZ or XZ plane), create a 3D sketch and use the "Intersection Curve" command to create the actual profile curves. Then use the Loft command, as AnMay suggests, to create the surface model from the profile curves. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Hope this helps and have a most blessed night!


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