How can i select an assembly instead of a part in the tree item manager

Hello community,

Recently i was struggling with this situation. I have a lots of assemblies or subassemblies with a lot of parts inside them in my designs. Usually i have to go to the part assembly or subassm, but i don't want to select the part.

My organization doesn't have a metodology (we working on it) to organize the huge amount of parts (refering to part numbers). We only asign part names, very problematic.

In Creo Parametric, if you select a random part, the tree manager automatically selects the subassembly or the assembly first, and you have to go inside the subassembly (depends of the context) to select this part. I hope you can understand my idea.

I don't know how can activate a similar function in Solidworks. Maybe for other users this option could be annoying, but in my situation i think would save me a lot of time.

I hope anyone could give me a tip or an advice, i would thank you a lot.

Best regards,

Daniel Junco.

2 Answers

Use right-click on the part and then select "select subassembly"
I think this is what you need.

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You can do so using "Breadcrumbs" (check the attached GIF)

They can be activated by going to:
Options > System Options > Display > Breadcrumbs > Show breadcrumbs on selection