How can the orientation of the automatically generated image created when uploading models be controlled?

When a model is uploaded an image is automatically generated. Mine are coming in at a random orientation that does not properly illustrate the model, e.g., backwards and upside down.

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Yes. The upload portion allows all types of files to be selected. Images, movies, text, 3D, 2D...etc. It is not very picky, and simply believes all the files you are uploading are a part of, or in support of the model.
After uploading, look to the top right of the screen. There will be a Gallery where you can choose the Default image, as well as the order of any additional images.

The extra time spent generating a picture to go with the model is worth it. You'll get some practice rendering images, and everyone will be more likely to download and/or like a model that has a good image to go along with it.

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It all depends on the coordinate system.
I have noticed that GrabCAD uses a different orientation method for different file formats though.
In general this does not matter. You should not rely on the default images as the means to display your models on the site. Create a an actual image (preferably a rendering) of your model and use it as the primary image.

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Thanks. It just means some extra time spent to generate a picture to go along with the model. I also didn't see any particular way to upload an image file in addition to the model file. Do I just drag both to the upload box for a particular posting and the system knows how to sort them out?

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