How do i access Solidworks Tutorial parts?

I am trying to complete a tutorial in solidworks 2012. I need to open parts to build my model in the tutorial, but i am unable to find the files through my file explorer. Does anyone know how i can get to the files? The tutorial i am doing can be reached by clicking "tutorials"-"All Solidwork Tutorials (Set 1)"- "Assembly Mates"

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3 Answers

Did the appropriate files get installed when one installed SolidWorks?
If not then one would need to install the files.
often times the files are installed into the c:/<(solidworks directory/folder)>/samples/tutorial

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I have learned over time that a fair amount of people that install SolidWorks tend to not load tutorial files, (intall tutorial) to save on space.

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I would say to check with teacher at school and ask about getting the files.
Or maybe place a request here (this site) to see if someone can download them, or send you the files.

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