How do I change the origin within Shopbot to align with the Fusion 360 model and Gcode?

The F360 model is aligned properly but Shopbot loads it and assigns the origin the the middle of the part in X and Y planes.

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The manual shows a lot of information about moving coordinates:

Moving your working coordinates is easy. Just move the tool to the place you want the new zero location (e.g., drive it over with the arrow key control activated by [SK] or the shortcut ‘K’), then use the Zeroing Command for the axes you want to zero. For example [Z2] would define the current location as the new working 0,0 for the X and Y axes; [Z3] would zero the X,Y, and Z axes. You can move the zero locations around as frequently as you would like in order to make your work on the tool more convenient.

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Tried that and once the file is loaded, it resets to the central X Y point. Tried zeroing after file is loaded and it does not actually change. The CAM model has the origin at the top left corner but when loaded, Shopbot moves it to that central point. I can work around it easily but wish to uncover the root cause. I am not using V-Carve currently.

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