How do I clear the Memory Cache in Autodesk INVENTOR 2013 with out closing down and reopening the program?

My set up at work is less than ideal (but I make do with what I'm given). When ever I'm working with large files (Assemblies, animations etc...) the memory cache fills up --the status bar at the bottom goes yellow or red. The accepted solution at my work is to close out of the program then re-open it. This not only takes time (I have to do it 4 or 5 times a day in worst case scenarios) but closing the program means I may not be able to get back in b/c there are more engineers and designers here than licenses.when working with Inventor studio)Is there away to clear the memory cache from within the program? I would love to know and I would love it even more if the answer is, "yes..." But I will settle for anyone who knows anything.

additonal info: I'm running INVENTOR 2013 on Windows XP, 32 Bit. And yes, I know about the 2 gigs of RAM limit on XP and that it is not an issue with Windows 7. I have even used the 3 GB switch, but it messed up other parts of my system. I know 64 bit would be better but again my work won't budge on the issue.

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1 Answer

On your ribbon go to
'Tools' Tab
'Application Options'
'Hardware' Tab

You will see 4 options - select the one that best suits your needs and your system

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