How do I create a rail and then use constrains to move a wheel through it??

Hi, I'm creating mechanism that looks like a roller coaster mechanism ( but also have a linear bearing of the same diameter than the rail. Unfortunately I'm having a terrible time doing the assembly, I can't figure it out what kind of constrains I need to use. When I use the Assembly>Insert constrain the piece get fixed to the point I assign the constrain, and when I use Assembly>Mate constrain all works fine until the curve, then my "wheel" don't follow the rail and continue in straight direction.

I made my rail with a sweep and then I use a mirror ti create the same design pattern in front of the original, I then used another sketch and with another sweep I close both rails to get like an oval. The Mate constrain doesn't work in any curve.

At the end my mechanism will look like the image I attach and I would like to animate it in a video, I don't need extreme detail this is a school project and the model is just representative.

Anyone can help me with this one?


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Create a MOTION constraint between the master wheel and the track and then use the ROTATION TRANSLATION constraint. If you can't do that take it into Studio for an Animation :P

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