How do I find the amount of polygons and vertices in inventor?

I am looking at putting a few files on turbosquid and it is asking for polygons and vertices and I was wondering where I could find those.


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Inventor uses parametric modeling, which means that all shapes are based on mathematical equations rather than collections of polygons and vertices. An Inventor model is to a vector image as a polygonal model is to a raster image; they use completely different principles. However, you can export an IPT or and IAM to an STL file, which is a polygonal model format. If you have a mainstream modeling program that can open STL files, it can tell you how many triangles and vertices are on the model you exported. If you are cost-conscious, the best program to use for this IMO is Blender. It's tricky to learn but I've manipulated exported models from Inventor in it before for game design purposes.

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What you have asked about is not IV and more 3D's Max or Maya.....

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