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how do i simulate this simple mechanism

By Moksh Yadav on 15 Oct 11:58 6 answers 0 comments

i have made simple point curve joint
files are added
when i apply roll curve joint, the mechanism can be simulated
but when i apply slide curve joint it does not
why is it so

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Part2.CATPart, 53 KB
Part1.CATPart, 44.8 KB
point curve joint.CATProduct, 33.5 KB

6 answers

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir about 1 year ago

    When you apply roll curve joint, you are eliminating the rotation freedom of "Part2". Because it is rolling with touch condition. DOF = 0

    But in slide curve joint, there is no description for the rotational movement restriction. So you see DOF = 1. So you can not simulate.

    In mechanism simulation, you have to eliminate all movement after commands selected. There is 6 freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space. These are translation in three perpendicular axes and orientation through rotation about three perpendicular axes.

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir about 1 year ago

    If you want to simulate with slide curve joint, just add one more point curve joint. Than DOF will be zero.

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir about 1 year ago

    Create new point into circle. and create other point curve joint with this point and line.

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