How do I specify what software I used while uploading my models on GrabCAD

I recently uploaded a file on GrabCAD and I couldn't find where to specify what software I used, so I used the tag section. However, after upolading; GrabCAD named it as BrisCAD

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The format selection is automatic (in theory), GC would recognise the most common formats. But things are far from perfect. DXF is set as BrisCAD, probably what happened to you. The worst part is that many times it just shows completely wrong formats. I already complained about that, but the problem continues.

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I'd just note it in the comments for when you upload until grabcad resolves the issue. I've noted that my parts and assemblies are from inventor before.

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After Uploading your file, it can analyze your model format and on that basis they are already selected. or for more you can add tag for that video and describe about model on Model description box.

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We are aware of the problem and it's in our backlog of issues to investigate. However, detecting software (before opening the files) is not that simple when multiple CAD systems share a common file format (i.e DXF, DWG – AutoCAD and BricsCAD (and many others)).

We may also consider allowing members to manually select the software, but currently, as far I know, there are no plans of implementing this.

Developer @ GrabCAD

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Check the model format you're uploading. Should match Grabcad supported formats.

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