How do I upload a file or model?

Sometimes it is difficult to upload a model or file. What are the steps to get it to load and show?

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When you upload a file be sure to upload a Step/Iges format version of it that way many more drafters/engineers can look at it and enjoy you work. A Step/Iges file can be opened with many different kind of software, where if you just have the normal file uploaded it can only be opened with the type of software it was made with.

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Uploading a model correctly starts from the software used in creating the model.
1. Be sure to save the model as igs, iges, stl or step.
2. Use any available rendering software to take a picture of ur model. This can also be done from the software used in creating the model by saving a copy as jpeg or png.
3. Go to upload a model from your grabcad profile page and follow the instructions therein as appropriate. Be sure to put the name of the software used in creating the model and the version too. ENJOY.

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