HOW do you make a simple slide on auto desk inventor ? Not a tunnel slide

Not a tunnel slide, a simple slide.

1 Answer

Do you mean like a children's playset slide? If so my first thought of methods would be as follows.

1. Draw on the XZ work plane, a spline or curve of the slope path you want the slide to follow.

2. At one of the ends of the the line, place a work plane. You should only have to pick the endpoint and the line of what you just sketched to make the work plane.

3. Start a sketch on the workplane and project geometry of the endpoint of that line for a good sketch reference.

4. Sketch in the profile of the slide that you want to follow the curve.

5. Use the sweep command. Pick the profile of what you just sketched and then for the path, pick the spline/line you made originally.

That should get you started on making a good profile and basic slide shape. You can go from there and add details after.