How draw this nozzle?

Dear Inventors
Please help me to draw this nozzle, It is shown in the attachment
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Thank you for your response and I am very happy to communicate with you ..

In fact, this nozzle is one of the products of the company Bete,

But because of the inability to purchase for economic reasons, I decided to manufacture the product ..

The material is STAINLESS STEEL

Thread specifications is 1 inch and 2 inch

I have a good knowledge of drawing by Autodesk Inventor 2D

Therefore; I'm seeking a way to start the drawing of nozzle by Inventor, a picture hint or a video tutorial ..

Thank you again

Best regards


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I used to have some of those models and I got them from these guys:

I found a bunch of models I got from them but unfortunately not that one.
I may have scrapped them since we ended up using different nozzles.

They come in a couple thread sizes . 1/2NPT and 1/4NPT are the most common. Material can be stainless, brass, Teflon, or PVC, and the helix varies from model to model depending on the spray angle and coverage required.

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It can be drawn, but without more details I doubt many people will want to make the attempt.
Right now there are no details given, so any work done to draw this model is simply a guess.
What are the critical dimensions?
What is it made of?
What are the thread specifications?
Do you need a 2D or 3D drawing?
What file format(s) will you accept?
Are more/better/larger images available?

Anyone spending the time to make this model now will likely just find out later that the work they put into it is wrong. By giving all of the requirements to complete the task at the beginning, you are allowing the designer to succeed.

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