How I can send private messages?

Simply I can´t send any message to another engineer... The SEND MESSAGE buttom doesn´t work!
Help please.

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I know I must go to engineers´s profile, guys... but when I write my message, the SEND buttom doesn´t work... it continue in off for me.... I don´t know if all can understand I say...Perhaps, thx a lot ;)

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Go to there profile and click on envelop

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I only can response at a message, I can´t send a new meassage to anyone...
If I search to William, for example, he doesn´t appear in the automatic list..., but others engineers yes...
What is happening about????

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go to profile and use send message button

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I have many problems with the site if I use firefox, or chome that go away when I use IE. For me this is one. When I encounter problems I switch back to IE.

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You have field "Find engineer" - you need to write there user profile name - where you want to send massege... write msg txt and you will be able to send msg... regards...

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Just it´s that what doesn´t works, Hevi ;)

@Kevin: may be an issue with the navigators... I´m having a lot of problems actually in other sites as KeyShot too with the messages..

I thought the world was comming up, but... ;)

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