how make changes to unparametric component

i attach a one unparametric bktwhere i want to make some modification in blue colour bkt
here i want to make changes in hole mounted face that should be parallel to to each other i using NX7.5,syncronous modeling but i cant make modification on it it not select the face.

pls help in irder to make modification

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Hi Michael thanks but it not a assembly then how can i make work prt,also see pic ...for futher clearification

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Strange, when I open your Parasolid file, it comes in as an assembly. Can you post the actual part file?

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The part you posted is an assembly and in order to make any changes to the components you will have to make the component your work part or you can promote the components in the assembly by using Insert>Associative copy>Promote Body. This will allow you to select the faces of the components while working in the assembly.

I attempted to use synchronous modeling to move the faces such that they were parallel but because the blends are not true radius features I was unable get them to move. But I could select the faces when I made the component the work part.

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