How model Wobbler engine in Autocad using Inventor?

You have a 3d model in any format and you need it in dwg format? And in 3D? If you have Inventor 2012 you can do it in no time.

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This tutorial is very usefull when you need to share a 3D model with a partner that has no 3D modeling software installed.

Wobbler Engine

Answered with a tutorial:

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Great tutorial. Nice to see an Autodesk related tutorial. Thanks for posting

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Yeah Manolis great little addition to GrabCAD and some wicked little Auto desk tutorial....

We need more of this on GrabCAD do to with Auto Desk....

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Great tutorial and repeating what's already been said,nice to see Autodesk related tutorial's,much appreciated....we do need more as there is a big number of Inventor user's and growing all the time:)

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awesome work guys.......
if any one know how we can create flat sheet coil profile (like clock spring ) please post.


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