How so make a component in an assembly a "Reference" in SolidWorks

In Solid Edge, I am able to make a component in an assembly show as "Reference" where it shows up as phantom or dashed line in the drawing. It means that the component is not really a part of the assembly, but has something to do with it.
See attached picture. See how the lid shows up as phantom lines? That is what I want to do. Is this possible in Solid Works?

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I know how to do that, but it still does not reflect on the drawing. I want to be able to make a single component on the drawing show up as a reference.

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When working in an assembly you have the possibility to change the transparency of a part. Right click on the part in the design tree and click on "change transparancy". Or right click the part in the design tree / component can choose the display you want....

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