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How to adapt geometric pattern to existing frame?

By Dragan Beljan on 19 Jan 17:03 3 answers 0 comments

We live in 21st century, i was wondering about any software for easily create and adapt geometric pattern to existing frame.

For example. (Look Pattern.jpg)
This is geometric pattern, you can see it is 300x300 mm square basic shape, Pattern lines have 15mm width, border lines have 20mm width.

This pattern is provided by architect and it need to be same dimensions on every existing frames.

I have more then 30 frames different size, most of them are rectangular shape.
Problem is when put geometric pattern in existing frames, area around edges is not nice (Check Not Nice.jpg)

So, my point, my question is: How to easily adapt Pattern to fit nice in every frame but to keep basic dimensions given by architect.

Any special software for this or some tricks in Autocad or Solidworks.


Added images

Square Square

3 answers

  • Dragan Beljan
    Dragan Beljan almost 2 years ago

    If you know solution for my problem, then i'm dumb.

  • Riolito Paildelan
    Riolito Paildelan over 1 year ago

    hi Dragan Beljan. I want to help but I dont understand exactly the problem

    Do you want to make a hatch pattern that is similar to the dimensions/details/design that the architect gave you?

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