How to add a custom backplate in keyshot?


Does anyone know how to add a custom backplate in keyshot been trying all morning and cannot figure out how to do it

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Click on options > Backplates tab> Load > choose your image!

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You can also go to Edit > Preferences > Folders and that will show you where KeyShot loads everything from. If you copy the backplate file into that folder on your hard drive, KeyShot will automatically load it as an option with the rest of the backplates every time you open the program. This way you can have your custom backplates always at your fingertips.

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Hey Tom! If you're using KeyShot 3, you'll select Project, then select the environment tab. Down under Background, you have a selection for Backplate Image. From there you can select the image you would like to use.

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Just drag & drop the image file into the keyshot window ;)

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