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How to add BEAM3 element in Ansys 14.5

By Shubham Khilari on 02 Dec 07:21 4 answers 7708 views 0 comments

I am learning ansys14.5 through video tutorials.I am not able to find BEAM3 element in ansys 14.5.PLEASE HELP

4 answers

  • sathya moorthy
    sathya moorthy over 3 years ago

    1.Create points
    2.Concepts-->Line from Points and Select the points(use ctrl)
    3.Concept-->Cross sections-->Define it
    4.To assign the CSA-->select Line body in Tree-->Apply the CSA



  • Hossam Samir
    Hossam Samir over 3 years ago

    Beam 3 changed in new version to beam 188

  • sathya moorthy
    sathya moorthy over 3 years ago

    In BEAM3 v can oly define RECT CSA

  • mechanicaldesign
    mechanicaldesign over 2 years ago

    Good afternoon,

    A good start to see what it was replaced and what it was remain the same search on Google documents which present comparisons between versions of ANSYS. Other thing, in ANSYS help you will find all element types available.

    I hope this information is useful also in the future.
    Keep in touch.

    Best regards.

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