How to add both flat pattern view and unbent view in NX drafting ?

I want to show both flat pattern view and unbent view of a model in drafting. but if i change the view and give update unbent view will be updated to flat pattern view and vice-versa.

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1 Answer

It is simple to put both flat or bend view in nx drawing.

1. Create a part what you want.
2. Give a flange to that or give a bend.
3. You have a bent object, now you should use flat pattern and select bent edges and then click ok.
4. your object will be flat but it will not show in screen but it will show in navigator.
5. Now go to drafting by file_drafting or by ctrl+shift+d.
6. Select page size or file name or projection.
7. Select base view from menu bar then firstly create a projection view which is of bent part and Now
8. "When you select base view in this section this is a option as modal view, in this option when you click on it there is a view shown in it is flat pattern".

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