How to add gravity simulation - on motion study in SolidWorks 2012?

I add tutorial about gravity simulation in SolidWorks 2012 becouse it taked for me long time to understand......what is difference between animation, motion study and ordinary assembly mates...

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This is how I see assembly in SolidWorks:
In assemby mode you add parts and mates between them- mainly for making 2d or check collisions.
When you want make a movie showing how your machine works - you should use motion study and animation option.

And If you want make a gravity simulation or other contact between elements you should use motion study- BASIC MOTION option. (of course you might make a movie of this)
And this tutorial is about BASIC motion elementry options.
Link to model of this tutorial:
SolidWorks - Ball separator, classifier - motion study

Answered with a tutorial:

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i tried to simulate but it does not work. Click on gravity and tick X axis and select all objects but when i click calculate the balls did not falls into the bin. can you send pics of the step by step procedure

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