how to add material in proe....?

I want to add mild steel material for part... how to do that... and i want part weight per kg in bom...

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3 Answers

1) Go to "model properties".
2) Choose any material you want.

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for weight calculation first we need to define its density

step 2.
edit>start up>mass property

Put the density value.

analysis>mass property


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To Add and Assign a Material to a Part

Click Edit > Set Up. The PART SETUP or ASSEM SETUP menu appears.

Click Material. The Materials dialog box opens.

The Look In box displays the directory located in the path specified by the pro_material_dir configuration option. If you have not set the pro_material_dir configuration option, then the Look In box displays the default material directory, that is, <Pro/ENGINEER loadpoint>\text\materials-library.

The Materials in Library list displays the contents of the directory in the Look in box.

The Materials in Model list displays the list of materials present in the model.

If required, use Look In to browse to the directory that contains the required material files. The names of the materials in the directory are displayed in Materials in Library list. Material files have a .mtl and .mat extension. The files with the .mat extension are files from release prior to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0.

To add materials to a model, move the required materials from the Materials in Library list to the Materials in Model list.

Note: If a model does not contain any material, then the first material that you add to the model is assigned to the model by Pro/ENGINEER.

To assign a material, select the material that you want to assign to the model from the Materials in Model list and click assign.gif or click File > Assign. The assigned material is denoted by a red arrow that precedes the name of the material in the Materials in Model list.

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