How to change material properties for good in solid edge?

The procedure is as follows:
My Computer - Local Disk (C) - Program files - Solid Edge ST4 - Custom -
Material Table Editor - Read Me file - Bin Office 2007 (or 2010) - Material Table Editor - follow three "easy" steps (1. export Excel file with material properties (if you get message "Could not start Excel" - don't worry, just try couple of more times ), 2.modify material properties, 3. import Excel file).
It's never working, no matter how many times i try.
In the end I always get the message:
The material table file is not available for write access.

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2 Answers

go to properties and select first option material properties change material as required

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I find a way:

Defining material properties in solid edge st4:
1.Open model (part) in ISO Part
2. Inspect menu - Physical Properties - mvProperties icon - Physical Properties dialog box - below the Density window click on the Change - new dialog box Solid Edge Material Table is open - select or modify the properties of certain material - click on Apply Model - click on Update and then Close

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