How to coil/rotate wire on Electric Motor anchor?

Hi all cool GrabCAD'ers. I have a difficult path to make now. I want to make a nice coil over three parts of EMotor anchor. Wire should start from collector sector1, make a coil (let's say 20 times) to anchor slice1 then to collector sector2 then anchor slice2, collector sector3, ...

Any idea how to practically and accurate make a path like this?

Sincerely, Leo

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3 Answers

See my model EM rotor.
When You make a one coil position him in assembly, but first make on commutator a notch where you will connect a wires. Make three separate coils , easily save on on three different names. Put it all in assembly. Now use edit part in assembly add necesery length of wire from end of coil to notch on commutator. Repeat for other end of coil. Save a part. Repeat same procedure to other coils.
Enjoy in working.

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For connecting use a spline with two points as a guide line!

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thaaanks for your wonderful design
i use the 2011 version of SW but it seems your attachments are saved with feature version! I couldn't open the files. :(

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