How to conduct drop test in Ansys workbench?

It is to analyze a steel door to know more data regarding its strength, deformation, Factor of safety, etc.

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Good morning,

To answer to your question, I must to know what version of ANSYS will be used for test ?
Suppose that you already have version 12.0, 13.0, 14.0,14.5,etc, you have more modules in left panel from WB. In WB you can do this type of study using ANSYS Autodyn (in this moment ANSYS use AUTODYN in two modules used for dynamic study). If is not important for you erosion of materials, fracture, cracks, etc, due to drop test, but only stress, strain or deformation , you can made the study in ANSYS TRANSIENTAL. Exist an third option ANSYS Ls-Dyna but unfortunately you only can made there basically settings (attached material, mesh, constraints, contacts, etc) and the .k file resulted can be solved only if you will used ANSYS Launcher and post processing using other software from Livermore site (Ls-Dyna).

So, I waiting new information about your study. Maybe I will can help you more, If I will have more details.

Best regards.

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