How to convert a catia part file into 3dxml?

How to convert a catia part file into 3dxml?
I've tried saving the file in 3dxml several times but there's always some problem and the 3dxml file obtained cannot be opened with any other softwares like solidworks.

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Hello Abhijeet!
I think it is really only the "save as" -> 3dxml
Do you have installed 3Dxml player/viewer? Here is the link


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Abhijeet you can save a part file or product file while saving it.

Click on the Save as in the File Menu, a window appears named Save as, then Change the Save as type below the File name . Now you can convert any type you wanted to including 3dxml

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hailstone... is it necessary to install 3dvia player?? cant i see the file using other softwares?

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You can only save as 3DXML when it's a PRODUCT !
So put you part into a PRODUCT then you will be able to save as in 3DXML.
You don't need to download the 3DXML player to save in this format with CATIA V5, you only need it to read the file from an another computer without CATIA...

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That is not right, you can also save 3dxml from a *.catpart

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