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how to convert file from higher version to lower version

By Vipul Thube on 12 Jan 02:12 5 answers 1027 views 0 comments

I want to convert solidworks 2016 to solidworks 2015?is it possible.

5 answers

  • Chris Back
    Chris Back 7 months ago

    I don't think converting is possible. But if you have ServicePack 5 of 2015 then you should be able to at least open a 2016 model in 2015...will be limited in what you can do with it but you can at least view the file...don't remember if it lets you save out as a step file or not while in 2015. Other options would be find a program that can open a SW file and save out as a STP file to reopen in SW2015 or go back to model source and try to get them to save out as a STP so can be imported into SW2015.

  • Tarik C
    Tarik C 7 months ago

    Did you tried to open the file with a text editor and see if the version is mentioned in the text?

  • Ehsanul Haque
    Ehsanul Haque 7 months ago

    This is not possible. Solidworks 2015 disabled this feature.

  • Tarik C
    Tarik C 7 months ago

    The only way is to save on step format (ap 204 or 209 if you can).

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