How to convert from .dxf to .step

I'm a writer working on a project for an aviation magazine designing and building a functioning UAV (a "drone"). Because there is a budget, I'm working in TurboCad, and have created native TurboCad files and exported .dxf format for each file. However, the machine shop needs .step for its CAM input. The owner has been able to manually create the CAM files based on hardcopy output of the basic parts (based on their dimensioning), but he'd like .step files for five of the files. Can anyone out there do the conversion? I've tried all types of possible solutions, but none work. Thanks in advance,
Ed Darack

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Which version of TurboCAD are you using?

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Think this will do the job:

You can request a one-time 14day trial of the program with all its features.
To do so, install the latest program version from above mentioned website.
Then run 3D-Tool and in the licensing window click
on the [Get Trial-Key] button.

Export your modell to *.obj or *.3ds-format, then convert to .step using 3D-Tool

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If you made your model by 3D you can directly export STEP data which has .stp extension. If you did in 2D you should make 3D model first.

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